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i have tried several, and want to know some other people's opinions. i have a pretty bad problem, and i have had no luck at all with the enzyme cleaners. i won't use them anymore, because they only help for a short time.

I start with sprinkling plain old baking soda on the carpet. let it set. if still smells i use a mixture of amonia, vinegar and liquid carpet cleaner. it works best if you rent one of those steam suction cleaners and add the amonia and vinegar to the cleaning solution. If you can't do that just scrub the carpet with the amonia mixture and blot up as much moisture as you can. then once it is dry then keep sprinkling baking soda and letting it set until all smell is done. if you don't use a rental steam cleaner you may have to scrub the carpet with the amonia/vinegar solution a couple of times. I have moved into places that the cats used the spare bedroom carpet as its bathroom the carpet was saturated with urine. this did the trick.