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we have one small area that the kitty found a few times before we found it and even with using febreeze and a carpet cleaning the smell comes back…..HELP

Biological Ariel liquid for clothes, borax, or baking soda diluted in warm water and scrubbed onto the spot where the "accident" has occurred. Repeated scrubbing may be needed until the smell has been neutralized. All these products are alkali based and will neutralize ammonia. Most people think that using bleach is the best way to clean and neutralize the smell of wee, but in fact, because bleach is ammonia based, it has a similar based smell to wee and this will only attract cats to go back to that spot to wee again because they think another cat has been there after them to mark that very same spot for territorial purposes and that just perpetuates the wee'ing cycle in the problematic spot.

All the best.