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I can't take the covers off all the cushions, and I have a Bissell spot bot, so I can use that to clean it with too, but I need to know what product REALLY KILLS the smell. I was going to pay to have it professionally cleaned but the place said they couldn't get deep down into the couch so it would still smell. My cushions have foam in one part and the top is "pillow-like". I need to get the smell out of the foam part, which is a pain to get out of the cushion covers. I have material to replace the filling on the top pillow part, but what will get it out of the foam. Please help me! I don't want to get rid of my $2400 couch!!!!
Its a suede/microfiber material, so something that won't ruin that too. No kids in the house, so no worries there.

I reccomend an animal and kid safe product called Kids'n'Pets.