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I have a niece who has a problem her cat.It had urined on her bed she was able to wash the bed clothes but the smell is still in her bed.She has tried lysol and it will not take the oder out is there somewhere in or close to monongahela P.A. where she could buy something to get the smell out and if so what could she use,even if its a home remedy that would be great.Well thanks to all who can help…

Get some simple solution stain & odor remover from the pet store – look for the kind specifically for cat urine odors. It's an enzyme solution that breaks down the urine, rather than just masking the odor (any odor masking will only have a temporary effect). Follow the directions – you'll need to COMPLETELY saturate the affected area of the mattress with the solution – you may want to use a turkey baster to 'inject' the solution down into the mattress. It will take a few days to dry, and may smell more strongly while it's drying, but it should get rid of the odor. If the urine stayed in the mattress for a while, you may need to apply more than one treatment. After the treatments have dried thoroughly, you can apply a product such as Zero Odor or Equalizer stain & odor remover (carried by most vets & some pet stores). It would probably be a good idea for her to put a waterproof mattress cover on her mattress afterward, to prevent damage in case there's another accident.

She should probably take her cat to the vet to make sure the cat doesn't have a urinary health issue that could be causing her to go out of the box. If the cat is healthy, the vet can advise her on behavioral issues as well. This link explains common housesoiling problems & solutions:
This page has lots of good info & links about litterbox problems & solutions:

Hope this helps!