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I have an adult female spayed cat. She recently (past two weeks) has begun not using her litter box to urine. It is clean, I clean it everyday, and the vet cannot find a bladder infection. I have a bunch of people coming over tomorrow. I have used “petzyne” and my steam vacuum. I can’ t get the smell out.

I've read down the suggestions & I'd like to answer a few of them…

soap & water – just wont work – ever. It will only spread the stain & smell further into your carpet or furniture.

ammonia – either with or without water will only make it worse – cats urine is made up of ammonia & the ammonia smell is what attracts the cat back to pee there again,

bleach – ARRGGHHH!!!! if you mix bleach & ammonia you get a poisonous chemical gas reation – VERY DANGEROUS to do this – if you want more proof just do a search for mix ammonia & bleach & read some of the reports.

bicarb or baking soda on its own wont permanently get rid of the stain or smell.

Most commercial products just hide the smell so you think it's gone & when the smell comes back you think your cat has peed again rather than an old stain coming back.

Natures Miracle – if you search around the net you'll find a large number of people saying that this just doesnt work & I've found the same thing – the smell comes back after a day or 2.

I have tried sooooo many different things to get rid of the cat urine smell, the ONLY thing I've found that actually gets rid of the smell & keeps it away is a recipe I found on the net & I mix it myself when I need it. It uses stuff I have at home & it's cheap to make – not like some of those chemicals at the store!

I cant recommend it enough! I got it from & I'm making it my mission to tell everyone about it – there are so many people with this problem – but it's so simple to fix.