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My cats are indoor and neutered, each has their own litterbox (7 cats, 7 litterboxes) which I keep very clean, however 2 of them have sprayed our furniture. I have read that Oxy-clean helps, does it work, and if so, could it bleach our dark green furniture?

Hi Meg…oxy-clean works by removing stains on items that are not colour-fast, however it will not remove the urine odours. Generally, an enzyme neutralizer such as Nature's Miracle Just for Cats (not plain Nature's Miracle) eliminates and breaks down the urine proteins the best. It works by thoroughly soaking the areas affected and then allowing to air dry. Repeated applications are necessary for heavily soiled areas. Couch will require extra solution so consider buying the Gallon size to achieve the results.

Nature's Miracle Just for Cats product info: